Photography has been my passion for over 40 years, starting in earnest when I bought a myself a Zenit E camera with a Helios f2 58mm lens for the then princely sum of £100. For many years I used Canon cameras and lenses but recently I have changed to Olympus cameras and lenses to try and cut down on the weight I have to carry on a shoot. Since taking early retirement in 2013 due to health problems I have leaned heavily on photography to keep me occupied and retain a bit of sanity. In fact photography has become as much a part of my pain management strategy as my medication.

I enjoy nature photography with landscapes being my favorite subject matter, particularly where rivers, lakes or the coast features in the scene. More recently I have started to enjoy taking photographs of wildflowers and wildlife which does fit in nicely with my landscape work.  

At the beginning of January 2016 I took the decision to submit some of my photographs to some stock agencies rather than let them sit on a hard drive unseen. After doing quite a bit of research I eventually opted for two agencies, Shutterstock and iStock by Getty, both of which I now contribute to on a regular basis. So far my photographs have been used by the BBC, Daily Mirror online, Secret Escapes, Camping and Caravanning Club and numerous internet based holiday companies.


Links to my stock portfolios

Shutterstock portfolio: 
iStock by Getty portfolio:

February 12th 2017