Photography has been my passion for over 40 years, starting in earnest when I bought a myself a Zenit E camera with a Helios f2 58mm lens for the then princely sum of £100. For many years I used Canon cameras and lenses but recently I have changed to Olympus cameras and lenses to try and cut down on weight I have to carry on a shoot. Nature photography is what I enjoy most, from landscapes to flowers and animals and all things in between.

At the beginning of January 2016 I took the decision to submit some of my photographs to some stock agencies. After doing a bit of research I opted for Shutterstock, iStock, Adobe and Pond5, all of which I now contribute to on a regular basis. 

Since taking early retirement in 2013 due to health problems I have leaned heavily on photography to keep me occupied and retain a bit of sanity. In fact photography has become as much a part of my pain management strategy as my medication.


Links to my stock portfolios

Shutterstock portfolio: 
iStock by Getty portfolio:
Adobe portfolio:

Pond5 portfolio:

February 12th 2017